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About Us

League of Lions is an interactive NFT digital art collection, being built on the Cardano blockchain. Featuring a storyline and gaming collection that develop over time, we aim to create real value not only from our detailed artwork, but also from the living entity created, wherein the community play an active and ongoing role in dictating the evolution of the project itself.

The founders of League of Lions come from lifelong backgrounds in advertising, investments, business creation and business management. They are experienced in crypto/blockchains, and passionate about the individual empowerment this revolutionary technology has enabled. Both founders were heavily involved in multiple crypto projects prior to creating League of Lions together.


Lifetime Pass

The Lifetime Pass is a collection of 1,000 3D NFT utility tokens created on the Cardano blockchain and the beginning of the circle of life in the League of Lion's ecosystem. Holding this exclusive ticket guarantees you all of the following:

  • Early, guaranteed WL access to all of our future collections
  • Discounts on all future mint prices, versus standard public price
  • Profit sharing from all secondary market sales of these Passes
  • Private Lounge, both in our server and in upcoming Metaverse

The Lifetime Pass is themed on the Tree of Life, using seven different tree types delivered in stunning 3D artwork, ready to take pride of place on your private land and estates in future Metaverses. Just as a real tree grows and continually produces leaves, the Lifetime Pass will continually produce benefits for its holders as the League of Lions ecosystem grows.

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flower Continuously striving for improvement flower Giveaways, promotions and benefits for loyal holders flower League of Lions Lore flower Researching and acquiring land in Metaverses flower Investing in and collaborating with projects for synergetic effects flower Expanding size & scope of Metaverse presence

completed ongoing
future roadmap


  • Concept and lore discussions check
  • Form Founder partnership check
  • Detailed CNFT Market research check
  • Live research, including minting in multiple CNFT projects check
  • Targeted investments for future benefits of League of Lions – ongoing ⌛
  • Compile detailed document for hand drawn traits – ongoing⌛
  • Research and choose experienced NFT artists check
  • Artists start work delivering drafts check

Phase 1

  • Launch Temporary Website - check
  • Create server and media channels check
  • Form experienced team with emphasis on NFT/CNFT ecosystems check
  • Commence NFT Artwork check
  • Reveal first sneak peeks check
  • Begin awarding WL spots check
  • Collaborations and/or WL giveaways to grow organic community check
  • Community engagement roles, games and rewards check
  • Launch operational website v1 check
  • Marketing and promotion check

Phase 2

  • Continue community growth and allocation of WL spots check
  • Launch community and roles based rewards feature check
  • Release of whitepaper v1 check
  • Growth related MAJOR announcement check
  • Announce firm date of first mint check
  • Further marketing and promotions
  • Collaborations and partnerships check
  • Mint of 1,000 Lifetime Passes
  • Metaverse partnerships check
  • Acquire first Metaverse Lands for future plans check

Phase 3

  • Launch website v2
  • Release of whitepaper v2
  • Develop token on Cardano chain check
  • Launch NFT staking with loyalty rewards
  • Marketing and promotion for Lion mint
  • Ramp up sneak peeks
  • Announce firm date of lion mint
  • Mint lions, details TBD
  • Complimentary mint of new line of NFTs
  • DAO discussions and potential start-up fund
  • Introduction of non Cardano charity project
  • Introduction of non Cardano investment project check
  • Collaboration mint TBD

Phase 4

  • Launch website v3
  • Release of whitepaper v3
  • Marketing and promotion for lioness mint
  • Sneak peeks of lionesses
  • Announce firm date of lioness mint
  • Mint lionesses, details TBD
  • Launch bonus loyalty staking pool (Non Cardano)
  • Further investment into Metaverse projects

Phase 5

  • Launch website v4
  • Release of whitepaper v4
  • Marketing and promotion for third mint in storyline
  • To be continued…
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Our Team


Lion Tamer



Cat Consiglio


left-shade right-shade


The first mint is the Lifetime Pass. Mint date September 2nd 2022

1,000 Lifetime Passes will be minted in total

The Lifetime Pass will be WL ONLY. There will be no public mint

A Lifetime Pass will mint for 100 ADA

We have created our own novel way to deal with paper hands by giving all WL holders the option to sell their WL for 25 ADA before we mint. This should help the secondary market right from the off

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League of Lions is a community driven digital art story/game collection of NFTs to be created on the Cardano blockchain (CNFT)

@copyrightleague of lions.